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Air Duct Cleaning

  • Type of air duct determines cleaning method


  • Heppa filtered high powered vacuum puts no dust back into the air


  • Leaves a fresh feel inside the home

Dryer vent cleaning

  • Prevents fire


  • Highly flammable dryer vent


  • Cleaned once every ten years

Why clean your air ducts?

Routinely having your air vents cleaned is essential fresh air from the following:


  • pets dirt and dander coats


  • Saw dust and other particles from construction


  • dead skin cells


  • viruses


  • mold spores pollen dirt and bacteria


  • and more

When to clean my ducts?

King Air Duct Cleaning Recommends you  have your air ducts cleaned at least every 5 years.


We recommend cleaning  your ducts sooner if any major event take place in or around your home which could heavily pollute your air vents (construction, excessive dust storms).






man cleans air ducts with blue vacuum hose

King air duct cleaning is here, to make your air feel clean and safe with every breath.




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